Regular Film (Color Stable)

Regular Film (Color Stable)

Regular Film is for cosmetic purposes only. If its not Nano Ceramic Film it wont reject the heat. Regular film absorbs all the heat making the car hotter and stuffer. This film cannot purple or discolour, life time warranty.

Types Of Shades Shades U/V Rejected
Limo 05% 99%
Little Darker Than Factory Tint 15% 99%
Factory Tint (What You Find On A Stock SUV Vehicle) 20% 99%
Best Results For Cosmetic Look 35% 99%
Perfect For Driver / Passenger Front Windows 50% 99%
Perfect For Front Windshield 70% 99%

2 Door Coupe / 3 Window Tint
(Rears Windows)


Pick Up Truck Pre Tinted
3 Window Tint


4 Door Sedan / 5 Window Tint
(Rears Windows)


Mini Van / SUV / 5 -7 Window Tint
(Rears Windows)


Per Roll Up Window
Pick Up Truck




Sun Visor
Upper or Lower


Full Windshield


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Life Time Warranty